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   Est. 2022

 We Love pepeCoin...  We love Pepe..
But most of all we love Pepes Pals.

Join us frens.

Token Info

PepePal(PEPL) on ERC

6,666,666 Total Supply
Ticker: PEPL
3% tax(1liq/2marketing)
66,666 max tx
133,332 max wallet
100% Based
We have a dex!
Contract address: 0x7dbf199731a3ccc3445b99c130171646314fcb44

Mobirise Website Builder


The Frenliest DEX in DeFi

DEX is Live... Farms, Pools and five minute futures coming soon!


Ah, the Token's a bonus, but it's not what we're 'bout,
Dear connoisseur, in our crew, no one's left out,
A community so rich, like a meme tapestry,
We weave friendship, connections, in our digital spree.

No need for possession, as true bonds we create,
In this Pepedex world, it's your presence we await,
Our legacy's grand, and your arrival we celebrate,
So join our froggy crew, and let's make frenships elevate.

PepePal 2024

We started last year with a very extensive roadmap, and saw that it's alot
for many people to try and keep up with. So we'll be updating the roadmap on
an annual Basis


Increase Holder Count


Farms/Staking, additional DEX utilities


CrossChain Expansion


Additional Utility


PepeGuard Launch, GameFi Expansion

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